Unlock The Keys To...
vibrant immunity
...In Your Body, And Fuel Your 'Digestive Fires' While Eliminating The Barriers To Health That Constantly Keep You Sick and Tired.

In My Free 2-day Fusionary School Workshop You'll Learn:
  • The top 5 habits that are keeping your body in a perpetual state of inflammation and causing you to continuously damage your gut health
  • Exactly what simple steps you need to take to begin recalibrating your body and get the digestive fires working in your favor.
  • Revamp your daily rhythm according to your body constitution - have a blueprint for how you run your day for Vibrant Health
  • The most potent solutions from Eastern and Western Medicine that help you have Vibrant Immunity around the clock. This is key to shifting your mood, mindset, and overall health. 

Here's Your Schedule:

04/19 at 8pm EST - Poor Gut Health is the Root Cause of Disease - Reset It Today 

Is Your Gut Healthy? Learn why your gut IS your immune system and how healing it and optimizing it can enhance every single area of your life.

We'll explore how inflammation starts in our 20s and how Ayurveda gives us powerful tools to turn off the inflammatory fires that cause so much damage. 

04/20 at 8pm EST - Autoimmune Reset: How to Reverse the Symptoms

Autoimmune conditions have exploded to epidemic proportions over the last few decades. Over 50M American's have autoimmune diseases, and many more are on the spectrum but have not damaged their system enough to receive an official clear answer or treatment plan. 

Ayurveda approaches this differently. Ayurveda looks at "Ama" and "Agni" and concepts that can completely transform how our immune system responds to outside influences or to our own body. Come ready with a notebook to learn!

About Dr. Shivani

Dr. Shivani Gupta, Founder of the Fusionary Method, has a passion to help others experience unparalleled health, vibrant immunity and to become happier humans, ready to do their great work in the world and live a life full of joy.

Having had a fascination with health and wellness from a young age and seeing first-hand how it profoundly affects not just the quality of an individual’s life but also their loved ones, she discovered that her upbringing in both the United States and India gave her rare insight into the particular strengths of Western and Eastern health practices. After studying with some of the leading experts in the health field and receiving advanced degrees, Dr. Gupta realized that a Fusionary Formula was the secret to health and that “healing” and “holistic” were not at odds with each other but rather, the way to wellness.

With a mantra of, “Sleep, Food, Exercise, Movement, Self-care”, Dr. Gupta believes that a strong immune system is attainable for everyone. Her highly acclaimed Fusionary School is a popular and powerful resource for anyone committed to staying happily healthy.

 You Deserve Vibrant Immunity!
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